Iron grills fixed alongside roads missing in Mohali

Iron grills fixed alongside roads missing in Mohali

Mohali: Parts of the Iron grills installed alongside the road dividers is either broken or have gone missing at different roads in Mohali.
Theft of public property is worrying residents who said at this pace, the entire stretch would be without grills soon, without the knowledge of the Administration.
Residents added “Anti-social elements are to be blamed for the missing grills and demanded Field officials of the administration should be entrusted the duty of keeping a watch on roads”. Who Cares???

MCM NSS holds healthy diet Session for Government school Badheri students

Chandigarh: As part of the Poshan Abhiyan programme of Government of India, the NSS units of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh organised an awareness session on ‘Importance of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle’ in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, Mohali, at Government Model High School, Village Badheri, Chandigarh.
Aim of the session was to disseminate knowledge about the role of nutrients, healthy dietary habits and importance of healthy lifestyle especially among school going students. The resource person was Dietician Sonia Gandhi, Head, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Headmistress of the school Mrs. Sanjogita, along with the teachers and students, attended the session with great fervour.
During the session, Dietician Sonia Gandhi discussed the factors pertaining to teenagers such as peer pressure, emotional habits, self-independence, physical appearance, etc., that affect the overall health of the children and said that as a result of inadequate and imbalance in the intake of required nutrients, teenagers face health issues including obesity related problems, anaemia, weak bones, oral cavities, fatigue, dehydration, poor immunity, diabetes and hormonal related as well as psychological related eating disorders.
During the session dietician also highlighted the role of parents and teachers in sensitising students about the role of nutrition in their overall health and well being.
The students were also acquainted with the importance and relevance of good hygiene practices that should be adopted during food handling operations as they are considered to be the foundation for ensuring food safety.
Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava expressed appreciation for the efforts of NSS units of the college aimed at creating awareness about the importance of good nutrition and to disseminate knowledge about the relevance of nutrients required to meet the demands of physical and cognitive growth and development of children.

Remove stagnant water to avoid dengue

Mohali: The present spell of rain has increased the threat of dengue larvae, which needs to be tackled urgently.
Residents have been advised by the government to adopt precautionary measures and inform the department immediately if dengue larvae were found in their houses, as the government alone could not check the spread of the larvae, but unfortunately government seems to be unaware of those points on the roads where normally water stagnates and thus, may lead to spread of diseases.
Who Cares???

Broken Pole pose grave risks to commuters and residents in Mohali

Mohali : A resident of Phase 9, Col Bedi stated RCC electric pole fallen during the last storms about 3 months back have not been removed by PSPSCL authorities despite several complaints.
Residents of the area stated that the broken RCC pole has been causing great inconvenience to pedestrians and motorist and passer-by.
Col Bedi stated that the location of the RCC pole is opposite kothi No: 501 on B- Road, Phase 9 and demanded that the concerned authorities should make arrangements to remove the broken pole urgently and ensure the safety of residents and avoid unwanted accidents.
Residents raised the issue and stated,
Who cares for safety of residents???

Banners hanging can be seen all over the roads in Mohali

Mohali: Flex aand bannerscan be seen erected all over on the electric poles, telephone poles, trees using ropes and thin wires, on the internal roads in Mohali. Hoardings and placards are installed at corners or on the turning points of roads, obstructing the visibility of motorists and are posing a threat to the public.
Residents added these hoardings also pose as distractions to motorists who commute on the roads and may lead to accidents.
Who Cares???

Stray dog menace in Mohali

Mohali: Stray dog menace has increased manifold in Mohali and has become a cause for concern for residents of Mohali.
Retd Col. TBS Bedi stated results of sterilisation stray dogs as claimed by authorities needs a check as stray dogs with puppies roaming freely can be seen on our road sides of Mohali.
Another resident stated stray dogs can be seen lying along the pedestrian paths in Mohali, posing a threat to commuters especially children and senior citizens and demanded that Municipal Corporation, Mohali should find out a permanent solution to keep these stray dogs away so that people can walk around without any fear.
Who Cares?

Banners hanging can be seen all over the roads in Mohali

Mohali: Several banners can be seen erected on electric poles, telephone poles, trees using ropes and thin wires, some of the traffic signal posts and signboards in the city area are literally blocked and covered by the flex boards.
Hoardings and placards are installed at corners or on the turning points of roads, obstructing the visibility of motorists and are posing a threat to the public.
Residents added these hoardings also pose as distractions to motorists who commute on the roads.
Who Cares???

Residents complain of wild grass growing on pavements

Mohali: Every monsoon season, the growth of wild grass goes unchecked in Mohali and residents complain they are the worst hit.
The pavements and berms on the roads can be seen with overgrown wild grass making them unusable, putting pedestrians at risk.
Residents stated we feel scared to walk on the road as the footpaths are covered with grass and residents felt unsafe walking to the market, especially during the night with the large patches of grass growing on the footpaths.
Another resident stated, the wild grass is so thick that snakes can hide in them, lots of mosquitoes and other insects also breed here and demanded that during monsoon, trimming the grass once a month is not enough; it should be done twice or thrice for each sector.
Who Cares???

Pb. CM Captain Amarinder Singh Likely To Quit

The Aman Sandesh Times – Chandigarh: Pb CM Capt Amarinder Singh, today called a meeting of MLAs to rally his loyalists, as numbers came into play long before the 117-member Punjab assembly votes early next year. Fifteen of the Congress’s 80 MLAs, including four ministers, attended the meeting.
Sources say over 50 MLAs had written to Sonia Gandhi demanding that Amarinder Singh be replaced as Chief Minister, forcing the party to announce late last night an emergency meeting of MLAs.
The names of three leaders are in circulation to replace him – former Punjab Congress chiefs Sunil Jakhar and Pratap Singh Bajwa, and Beant Singh’s grandson Ravneet Singh Bittu.

Media advisor to Sidhu reveals PPCC Chief’s plan for CLP meeting

The Aman Sandesh Times – Chandigarh: Surinder Dalla, Senior journalist and media advisor to Punjab Congress president Navjot Singh Sidhu said that the 18-point agenda for Punjab will remain on the agenda for the meeting.

In two tweets, Surinder Dalla said that the winner of any discussion or thought is only the truth.

Amid the growing anticipation of the CLP meeting and its outcome in a poll-bound state, Dalla said that Navjot Sidhu’s struggle is not for the chair but the dedication to Punjab and the development of the state.

“Navjot Sidhu, as PPCC President, has stuck to the 18-point agenda and will continue to do so. Navjot Sidhu’s struggle is not for the chair but the dedication to Punjab and the development of the state,” he tweeted.

Mohali residents/ Vehicles suffer due to bad roads

Mohali: Is it the quality of raw material used to re-carpet the roads or something else to blame asked the Mohali Residents, who stated that the condition of the roads in Mohali is very bad and are full of potholes.
Despite of tall promises by politicians every time the condition of roads does not improve, roads in Mohali are full of potholes.
Another resident stated that, one has to drive very carefully and God is only saviour if you are driving on Mohali roads.”
Who Cares…!

Domestic LPG cylinders being used for commercial purpose

Mohali: The government machinery did not take the pain to check the misuse of domestic LPG cylinders, although the use of domestic liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders for commercial purpose is banned strictly yet are being openly used at road side by tea sellers, dhabas in Mohali.
One can often find domestic LPG cylinders being used for commercial purpose at various places in the town in open violation of government rules.
As per norms, no shopkeepers or owners of other commercial establishments is allowed to use domestic LPG cylinders. Still a large number of shop owners/ street vendors, dhabas can be seen using domestic LPG cylinders at their shops.
Residents added due to lack of proper vigil by the authorities concerned domestic LPG cylinders are being openly used by roadside vendors, eating joints, tea sellers and other commercial establishments.
Who Cares???

Is this Place Authorised For Hoardings ?

Mohali: Reckless attitude towards precious trees in the city do not seem to end, the greenery is being strangely used for commercial purposes.
Trees everywhere are serving as free locations to hang advertisements and notice boards.
The best source of fresh air in the surroundings is being ill-treated and used as a mere disgusting advertising tool.
Officials cross such places where anyone other than them
can notice the trees being used as advertising tool and still there’s no heed being paid towards destroying the green beauty around the city.
Phase 9 resident Col. TBS Bedi (Retd) stated Advertisement on trees are spoiling the ecological balance in our Mohali roads and demanded Mohali Municipal corporation may look into this and ensures hoarding, ads are not erected on trees.
MC, forest department, advertising agencies or the individuals, who is to be blamed? Aren’t we contributing in destructing the natural beauty we are blessed with by remaining quite and ignoring such issues?
Who Cares???

Are the Mohali authorities waiting for a mishap???

Mohali: Residents of Mohali alleged that the authorities are waiting for a mishap to happen, as thereseems no supervision on the part of the civic body or the concerned contractor .
One side of the main road from Shahi Majra to Kumbra Chowk has been lying dug up since long,to lay new sewer lines in Mohali seems to be interrupted due to monsoon.
The dug-up roads in Mohali had turned into aplace for mosquito breeding, passerbyareendangering themselves as dengue mosquitoes breed in clean waters sprinkled with dust or in muddy waters that have been stagnant clean water.
Residents demanded Administration should follow preventive steps including removing sources of mosquito breeding such as stagnant water from digged up roads in Mohali. Who Cares???