Overloading, break the habit

Overloading, break the habit

Chandigarh: We often overload our cars, motorbikes, autorickshaws etc without once thinking about just how dangerous this habit is, for ourselves and for other road users.
Residents stated traffic police should penalise such motorists for overloading the vehicles.
“The RC (registration certificate) of every vehicle clearly specifies the number of persons and weight it can carry. But this is blatantly violated.
Such violation happens often in personal vehicles, it is most frequent in the case of two wheelers.
Another resident added overloading not only makes people vulnerable to fatal accidents, but also puts pedestrians and other vehicles in danger. People need to learn, and now, before it is too late. Who Cares???

PM Modi’s rally will be a great success: Sukhvinder Singh Goldy

Kharar : BJP Kharar team is putting up all efforts to ensure Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally is a great success. A meeting was held by former BJP Mohali District President Sukhwinder Singh Goldy, who along with his team visited the villages of Kharar Constituency regarding Ferozepur rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5th January.
BJP leader Sukhwinder Singh Goldy said preparations are being made to arrange the transportation of workers and people from Kharar Assembly constituency for the scheduled rally.
During the meeting, Sukhvinder Singh Goldy added that for the rally of PM Modi, workers from every booth would participate.
BJP leader also added that the BJP is fully prepared for the upcoming State assembly elections and the rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be held on January 5 will be historic.
BJP government will be formed in Punjab after the up-coming assembly elections added Sukhvinder Singh Goldy.
Daljit Singh Saini, Rakesh Gupta, Arun Sharma, Kulwinder Dhiman, Kanwaljit Singh, Gurvinder Singh were also present in the meeting.

Mohali MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu reacts on fake news on social media

Mohali: Mohali MLA and Former Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu today called a press conference against a fake news being circulating against him, that the has had a round of talks with Amit Shah and is about to join BJP.
While addressing media Mohali MLA Balbir Sing Sidhu said that for the last few days there had been fake news in circulation on the social media about him (Balbir Singh Sidhu)joining BJP to which he totally denied and said it’s totally a fake news.
Mohali MLA Sidhu added that he is a Congress man and will remain a hard core solider of congress forever.