Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:59 am

5-day ‘Integrated Yog and Ayurved Wellness Capacity Building Programme starts at MCM

‘Make time for your wellness or you will have to make time for illness’- Dr. Nisha Bhargava

Chandigarh: Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, in association with Government College for Yoga Education and Health, Chandigarh, and with Lokayurved Wellness Concept as knowledge partner, began a 5-day ‘Integrated Yog and Ayurved Wellness Capacity Building Programme for Educators in Higher Education Institutions’. Author, motivational speaker and former IAS Mr. Vivek Atray graced the inaugural as the Chief Guest. Dr. Sapna Nanda, Principal, Government College of Yoga Education and Health was also present on this occasion.
The programme envisions to make the educators in higher education aware about enhancement of yog and pranayam practices with the adoption of right diet and lifestyle planning as mentioned in the timeless Ayurved scripture.
While, inaugurating the programme, Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava impressed upon the relevance of this programme by reminding the participants of the saying- ‘make time for your wellness or you will have to make time for illness’. She asserted that change in our present day lifestyles and incorporation of healthy practices like yoga in our daily lives is extremely important for our holistic well-being.
Mr. Vivek Atray highlighted the significance of receptivity in the learning of yoga and advised the participants to receive the energy of yoga consciously.
In his philosophical take on yoga, Mr. Atray said that yoga is a path to union with God and not just a practice involving the physical self of a being and further motivated the participants to find time for self-actualisation as it makes life meaningful.
Terming yog as a journey of the self to the self and through the self, Dr. Sapna Nanda impressed upon the participants to make yoga part of their lives. She added that the Indian treasure of ancient wisdom has gained recognition worldwide, and the National Education Policy integrating Indian knowledge into the education system is a welcome step.
The inaugural session was followed by a session on Health Wisdom by Ms. Shyampriya, Wellness Trainer, Lokayurved Wellness Concept and a session on Yoga Asana by Mr. Roshan Lal, Yoga Instructor, Government College of Yoga Education and Health.
The participants found the sessions highly enlightening and enthusiastically looked forward to the forthcoming informative sessions during the programme.

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