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8-10 deaths of cows daily in Mohali, is it Lumpy skin disease???

Government failed to prevent disease, Municipal Corporation failed to manage dead animals

Mohali : Municipal corporation has its own one Gaushala (Cow Shelter) in Mohali and former MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu is also managing another one big Gaushala in Balongi, but hundreds of helpless animals living in them can be infected with a terrible disease at any time. In fact, lumping skin disease has spread among cows in Mohali as well, but Punjab government seems to have failed miserably in controlling the spread of Lumpy Skin Disease, 8-10 helpless cows are dying everyday in Mohali.
As per the sources in Mohali Municipal Corporation, more than a dozen of cows have died in Mohali in last few days and the news of the death of cows is coming from all over.
Bodies of 2 dead cows were lying right next to a scrap dealer adjacent to Kumbhra lights, which were not being picked up by the Municipal Corporation, and due to this, a foul smell was spreading in the area and there is a risk of spreading diseases. Passers-by have complained to the Municipal Corporation several times but no action has been taken.
Officials of the Mohali Municipal Corporation say that full arrangements are being made to bury the dead cows and due to the large number of deaths of animals, it has become a bit difficult task to pick all dead cattle at same time and added proper vaccine against Lumpy skin disease is being provided to all cattle as per the directions of veterinary doctor and added that the infected cattle has been isolated from other cattle.

Farmers staged a protest

In this case, farmer leader Paramdeep Singh Baidwan said that more than one lakh cows have died in Punjab due to Lumpy Skin disease and the government is proving to be a failure in controlling the disease. He said that these cows raised like family and are dying, due to this the farmers are also suffering huge financial loss.
Paramdeep Singh Baidwan, referring to Mohali, said that many cows have died in Mattaur village alone and the number of deaths of helpless cows cannot be counted. He also blamed the Mohali Municipal Corporation and said that the officials of the Mohali Municipal Corporation are asleep and do not come to pick up the dead cows despite being told to do so, due to which the disease is spreading further.

Mayor Amarjit Singh Jiti Sidhu said that the Mohali Municipal Corporation is making all efforts to manage the dead animals. He said that complete arrangements have been made for medicines in the Gaushala of Mohali Municipal Corporation. He said that instructions have been given to the corporation officials to make every effort to protect the livestock.

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