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900 stray dogs bit in Mohali have not awoken the MC Mohali

Mohali: The Mohali Municipal Corporation seems to have failed to find a permanent solution to the stray dog menace in the city. The stray dogs in Mohali are wrecking havoc as the number of dog bite cases have drastically gone up, with many cases being not even reported in the last two months. The doctors have also written to the Municipal Corporation (MC) to act on the issue immediately, but to no avail. Doctors have expressed concern over the rising number of the dog bite cases as well.
Baltana is one of the areas in Zirakpur from where the most number of cases were reported. In the most recent incident of dog bite from the area, which occurred on Saturday, strays attacked a 13-year-old boy, Diljan, and left him injured.
Residents in the area are living under fear of strays dogs and are unable to send their children outside adding that the issue now should be dealt with urgency. “You can see stray dogs in every street of the city. There is fear among the people while they come out of their houses,” residents said.

Mohali Municipal corporation has decided to promote stray dog adoption, but pet lovers do not appear to be keen on it. In the year 2017, to make stray dogs adoption a success, Mohali Mayor had said that the MC would encourage the people to adopt stray dogs in the city and had also said that such people would be rewarded handsomely for contributing to the noble cause.

No dog pounds so far
While the stray dog menace continues to haunt city residents, the higher authorities are sitting over a plan to construct stray dog pounds. In view of the increase in dog-bite cases residents feel something constructive needs to be done at the earliest to free the city of the stray dog menace, but unfortunately nothing concrete has been done till date.

No dedicated helpline
There is no dedicated helpline for dog-bite cases in the city. In case of emergency, there is no helpline where a person can seek help.

As per the data from civil Hospital Mohali in year 2022, 11,077 dog bite cases were reported with maximum of 1214 dog bite cases in December 2022, followed by 1021 bite cases in the Month of March 2022. As per the data it is clear that every month there are more than 900 stray dog bite cases per month in Mohali. Who Cares????

All the phases and sectors of Mohali are presently affected by stray dog population and above all as expected MC Mohali has no count of stray dogs on the streets in Mohali.

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