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A few to paddle on cycle track in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Chandigarh Administration has made multiple efforts to make cycling easier and promote non-motorized transport, cycle tracks have been made along several major arterial roads in the city, but unfortunately very few uses cycle tracks as the majority of cyclists can be seen using the main roads or can be seen paddling on lanes meant for motor vehicles, reasons better known to them.
As per the survey conducted by the team The Aman Sandesh Times, this morning on major cycle tracks around the city reported that the usage of cycle tracks is minimal in the early morning hours when the number of cyclists on the road is much higher than during the rest of the day and the number of other vehicles is also much lower.
Recreational cyclists in the early morning hours using the cycle tracks the most, whereas the migrants could be noticed paddling their push bikes on the main roads, due to unawareness of the purpose of the cycle track.
At several places it was seen that the cycle lane was full of debris that could cause a puncture, Cycle lanes are usually positioned on the far left of the road and the camber means that everything that lands on the main carriageway eventually ends up there… grit, stones, bits that have fallen out of skips, the lot.
One of the cyclists while talking to The Aman Sandesh Times added, some times there are broken pieces of glass, debris, and bottles thrown on the cycle track and added some cycle lanes are dotted with slippery drain covers because of their positioning and they result as a cause of obstructions, overgrown wild grass, weed and ill-maintained cycle tracks scare us paddling on such cycle tracks and sometimes we feel safer staying out of the cycle lane completely.
Another reason for not using a cycle lane on the left of the road is that it isn’t always convenient if you’re soon going to turn right or need to be in the right lane. Staying in the cycle lane might leave you needing to cross multiple lanes of traffic.
Sometimes as a cyclist we find traffic turning left across your path without noticing you. The risk of getting sideswiped is one of the most common objections to using some cycle lanes added by a young cyclist.
Cycle lanes are marked by a white line (which may be broken) along the carriageway. Use facilities such as cycle lanes and tracks, advanced stop lines, and toucan crossings which make your journey safer and easier. This will depend on your experience and skills and the situation at the time. While such facilities are provided for reasons of safety, cyclists may exercise their judgment and are not obliged to use them.”
Chandigarh needs to improve the condition of its bicycle tracks for the safety of pedal pushers and make them more aware to prefer using Cycle Tracks.

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