Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:28 am

A large number of parks in Mohali lacks maintenance

Mohali: Mohali is aspiring to become a smart city, unfortunately most of the parks in Mohali continues to be in a poor condition due to wild growth. Playground equipment (slides, swing set, see-saw and climbing frame) too are in an urgent need of repair.
Residents added, the lights in the parks are not operative and Children can sustain injuries due to dark while playing during the evening.
Most of the senior citizens who wish to go to parks stated that they are made to stay inside their homes as most of the parks in Mohali had wild grass which is not being cut on time and the maintenance of parks continues to be neglected.
Residents added poor lighting, uprooted railing, broken swings and pavements, and even presence of stray animals is a common scene in most of the parks in Mohali and added “parks are meant to be kept in proper shape and position otherwise they would simply turn up into a mini forest.” Unlevelled grass in the park and water logging diminishes the beauty and hygiene of the park and its premises.
During a visit by a team of The Aman Sandesh Times to various parks in Mohali revealed a sad picture. Debris and scrap had been dumped in many parks, and there were stray cattle for company while walking in some of the parks. At many places, the railing has been uprooted, Due to the rain , bushes could also be seen grown in parks, Some of the parks have not seen the pruning since long and others have quite long and dense grasses, in certain parks benches are either broken or in a pathetic condition that a person cannot sit over them.
Scattered leaves block the sewerage and this causes water-logging. Dogs sitting in the parks are also dangerous and we are afraid that they don’t end up mauling a child. Authorities must act before anything like that would happen,” residents added.
Tax payers wished to know the reason of behind condition from bad to worse of parks in Mohali.

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