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Sunday, Date: Apr 21, 2024 Time: 11:46 pm


Mohali: Who do we act after the incident as the Chandigarh Administration had ordered an inspection of all trees, especially in schools, something that should have been done earlier and as a routine exercise.
Representatives are chosen by the public to decide on its behalf the policies and actions to be pursued by a Government and are charged with acting in the best interests of his and her constituents but do they do so???
One of the residents added: Politicians were put in power by you and me – our vote. While it’s now their job to represent the people and it’s our job to remind them of their accountability and added the best way is to make your representative accountable and answerable for your issues ask them questions and take the follow-up. Election comes once in five years, but civic issues stay all these years. Whoever wins the election, tell him/her that it is his/her constitutional duty to fulfil the demands of citizens. Make him/her serve you for which they have begged for you in the election time! Do not forget that we, the voters, are their masters.
Local administration (Municipal Corporation) is responsible for availability and maintenance of infrastructural facilities and services in the neighbourhood.
It is pertinent to mention here that a complaint in this regard was filed at the Permanent Lok Adalat by Atul Sharma Mohali-based resident, after which the GMADA officials were directed to pluck all the Balam Kheera fruits from trees on the said stretch within a stipulated time and the same was done. But the situation has changed now. “Earlier the charge of all of these was with GMADA), but later it was transferred to the Municipal Corporation (MC). The authorities just keep passing the buck to each other. The local councillors seems to be totally disinterested in working,” said Atul Sharma, the petitioner and a Mohali resident.
If residents have to knock the door of court every time for every thing, what are the responsibilities of elected representatives who come during the elections to residents?
Every year, lakhs are spent on purchase of termite treatment insecticides but trees are still seen dying due to termite or negligent maintenance, for which the concerned officials should be held responsible. Just see how the termite had been damaging this tree for so many years, but none in any of the horticulture departments cared to check even once, resulting in the loss of the life of a girl.” Who Cares???

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