Are the Mohali authorities waiting for a mishap???

Mohali: Residents of Mohali alleged that the authorities are waiting for a mishap to happen, as thereseems no supervision on the part of the civic body or the concerned contractor .
One side of the main road from Shahi Majra to Kumbra Chowk has been lying dug up since long,to lay new sewer lines in Mohali seems to be interrupted due to monsoon.
The dug-up roads in Mohali had turned into aplace for mosquito breeding, passerbyareendangering themselves as dengue mosquitoes breed in clean waters sprinkled with dust or in muddy waters that have been stagnant clean water.
Residents demanded Administration should follow preventive steps including removing sources of mosquito breeding such as stagnant water from digged up roads in Mohali. Who Cares???

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