Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 6:45 pm

Bad state of footpaths along roads in Mohali

Mohali: Being able to walk on footpaths in Mohali is a rare opportunity. Either they are encroached upon or in such a bad shape that walking on them is impossible.
Facilities, including footpaths, pedestrian crossings, in Mohali could be seen to be in deteriorated cinditions in various parts of the city.
Residents have flagged the issue, demanding the repair of damaged footpaths.
Most of the residents pointed out that at many places, pedestrians are forced to walk on the carriageway of roads which may result in serious accident.
BJP Mandal President Raman Kumar Shaili said “Walkers face hurdles on Phase 3 roadside while walking on the pedestrian footpaths and added that pavements on road leading from Madanpur Chowk towards 3-5 traffic lights have not been re-laid, posing a challenge to commuters and residents, he added that a commuter tripped last evening. It is such a busy area so we cannot walk on the road. And, if the pavement is also in poor condition, how will anyone walk,” he asked.
Residents complained about the lack of any action from the civic officials to get the passage area fixed and demanded that footpaths that have been damaged should be considered for repair.
Footpaths along several roadsides have no paver blocks on a small portion. The sand underneath has also scattered over an area. But Who Cares????

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