Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:59 pm

Balam Kheera fruits continue to scare commuters

Mohali: Driving on Mohali roads from Phase 1 to Phase 7 has been a cause for people to flinch lately as being the roadside trees laden with huge Kigelia Africana fruits, popularly known as ‘balam kheera’ or the ‘sausage fruit’. These fruits cylindrical in shape, resembling a sausage have been instilling fear among pedestrians, car drivers, rickshaw pullers and bikers alike, while plying through the roads in Mohali.
Several cases of commuters getting injured after over these along with car drivers complaining of dents and heavily cracked windscreens with an unfortunate incident about a man dying at the spot after being directly hit by a fallen balam kheera fruit have also been reported from this area. But who cares?

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