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Monday, Date: Dec 04, 2023 Time: 1:09 pm


Mohali: Balam Kheera fruit has injured many on Mohali roads and the Administration has done nothing to provide safety to residents from the fruit.
Most of the roadside trees in Mohali are laden with huge Kigelia Africana fruits or balam kheera that has become a pain for the commuters.
The fruits fall all of a sudden on moving vehicles and pedestrian. Thus increase chances of accidents.
The stretch that starts from Dara Studio in Phase 1 and goes till Yadvindra Public School has more than 400 trees which are causing risk among commuters, concerned authorities apathy towards this ongoing problem reflect their public concerned.
This is a perennial problem for the residents and the failure of the administration to save the residents from accidents/injuries to the public, deportable functioning of the administration.
Mohali residents and commuters have been complaining about this fruit falling from a height of 15 to 20 feet on cars, damaging the windshields, bonnets or roofs.
Mohali Municipal Corporation (MC) have been requested to pluck the fruits to avoid accidents and steps must be taken to find an alternative to Balam Kheera trees for future planting, as this problem occurs every year.

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