Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:58 am

Balam Kheera scares commuters in Mohali

Mohali: Balam Kheera fruit has injured many on roads and the Mohali Administration has done very less to provide respite to its residents. Roadsides, in Mohali are laden with huge Africana fruits or kheera have once again become a pain for the commuters here.
The stretch starting from Phase 1 continues till Yadvindra Public School, Phase 7, has more than 400 such trees which are full of such fruits, that all of a sudden fall on moving vehicle and increases chances of accidents.
There are many reports of people getting injured as well, as cyclists or a two-wheeler riders meet with accidents after losing balance due to falling fruits from trees, but no timely action is being taken by the concerned departments in Mohali, complained commuters.
These trees bear the fruit after every six months,“ but nothing is done for its removal and commuters / residents are made to commute under risk. Who Cares???

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