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Monday, Date: Apr 22, 2024 Time: 12:15 am


Gurugram: About 420 acres of Biodiversity Park will be developed in 3 villages – Damdama, Khedla and Abhaypur of Gurugram district and Damdama lake will be restored in about 80 acres as the project was formally started by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and Union Minister for State, Rao Inderjit Singh.
The project will be jointly developed by Gurujal, Haryana CSR Trust and EY Foundation. In the programme organized in village Damdama, apart from the project of reconstruction of Biodiversity Park and Damdama Lake, an exhibition was also organized on the activities being carried out for water conservation of Gurujal Society, which was observed by the Chief Minister and Union Minister for State.

Villagers of Damdama, Abhaypur and Khedla villages also attended the programme and honoured Chief Minister and Union Minister for State by presenting traditional turbans and saplings.
Addressing the programme, Khattar said that the government is making efforts to make this area a centre of attraction for tourists. He said that due to biodiversity, it is necessary to worry about the animals living with us because this earth and nature are not only for humans but for animals too. Calling upon everyone to save water, the Chief Minister said that each one of us has to manage the utilization of available water and make good use of it, otherwise, future generations will have to face the scarcity of water.
Khattar said that the underground water level is continuously depleting and if it continues to decrease, there will be a shortage of water in future. That’s why everyone has to be aware and do their part in saving and harvesting water. This is not a political issue, but a matter related to life, so everyone should work jointly to save water and plant more and more trees, he added.
“We can use treated water for agriculture, irrigation etc. Now double water pipeline is being laid in the new colonies, in which clean drinking water will come in one line and treated water will be supplied in the other. Treated water will also be supplied in industries,” added Khattar.
EY Foundation will spend Rs 70 crore on the development of Biodiversity Park and Lake. “We have formed the Haryana CSR Trust to motivate companies to spend their CSR funds in the right way in social works. In the last one year, companies have spent Rs 542 crore for CSR in the state through this trust,” added Khattar. He said that in the future, he would call upon the companies to invest at least one thousand crore rupees in the state through CSR. This money will be spent on the environment, water conservation, health and education. The Chief Minister also appreciated the work of the Gurujal team for doing commendable work in the field of water conservation.

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