Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 6:27 am

Broken manhole covers an open invitation to the mishap

Concerned officials and elected councillors shall be held responsible- Residents

Mohali: Broken manhole covers in Mohali and Chandigarh are giving an open invitation to mishaps.
Residents and commuters in Mohali and Chandigarh raised questions over maintenance works, as manhole and road gully covers have broken in various parts of Mohali as well as Chandigarh.
Residents demanded from the concerned departments immediately take necessary action to avoid the chances of any mishap. “If any tragedy takes place, the MC officials and elected councillors shall be held responsible.”
“Broken manhole covers should be repaired immediately, as anybody can meet with a mishap. The government should also direct the authorities concerned to ensure the replacement of broken covers on a priority” added a motorist while talking to The Aman Sandesh Times team in Phase 2 Mohali and added that the concerned area councillors should also be aware of the need of maintenance works done in their respective areas and must work for the safety of residents . But Who Cares????

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