Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:56 am

Broken pavers greet people in Industrial Area Mohali

Mohali: Broken / damaged paver blocks in Industrial Area Mohali are the bane of Industrialists of Mohali and are a cause of inconvenience to all.
Municipal Corporation Mohali has been spending too much money on laying paver blocks but no step is being taken to ensure that the paver blocks are maintained properly.
Commuters stated that concerned authorities should also find out the way to up keep the paver blocks.
Senior citizen stated Broken pavements in Industrial Area Phase 7 Mohali discourage pedestrians who are forced to walk on the road and added there are pavements, but due to non-maintenance, they cannot be used.
Paver blocks are being replaced at several parts across the town by the Mohali Municipal Corporation which are in good condition but no step is being taken to replace the damaged ones. Who Cares???

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