Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 4:32 pm

Broken sign boards welcomes you to Mohali

Mohali: The fate of Mohali seems to be hanging in air or is lying fallen on ground as number of signsboards which are supposed to guide the visitors visiting city can be seen broken, unnoticed by the concerned authorities at different places in Mohali.
Residents warned, if you are visiting Mohali and are clueless about the directions, you could not refer to the road signs as most of the installed signboards are broken and are not of much help to the commuters.
A senior citizen visiting to a relative in Mohali added, I found that a road signboard was broken.
Sign boards are installed for the convenience of the public, unfortunately these broken signsboards are more acting as a cause of trouble, residents demanded that such broken signboards must be fixed or replaced to give better picture of Mohali to the visitors.
Residents added signboards must be visible to the civic officers and demanded to get the broken signboards replaced, installed again to ensure that the commuters have a clear view of each sign.
Most of the signboards/ welcome boards installed on the main roads in Mohali are either broken or hidden behind trees making it difficult for the commuters to see the directions.
Signboards are meant to help commuters and ensure smooth traffic. However, this is not the case in Mohali.
Rather than providing directions to the commuters, these signboards confuse them.
Commuters often find themselves getting lost in the city due to the dilapidated condition of the signboards. Every time an intersection comes, drivers have to peep out of their car window to ask passersby for the directions.
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