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Bundles of hanging Cables Pose a Danger

Mohali: It is common to see bundles of cables put up to relay cable TV networks to the homes or to provide internet services are seen hanging from electric poles. One can also see black boxes attached to these cables. Many a times these cables snap and fall on the roads thus endangering the lives of road users specially the pedestrians and two-wheeler riders as the broken cables can get entangled to the wheels of the vehicles which can lead to accidents.
Cables are also visible tied to the trees along the roads and crisscross from one building to another. The problem arises when these cables snap and fall on the road. All such hanging cables also give a sore sight to the city as large bundles of these black cables along with boxes are seen hanging from electric poles. It is true that cable TV has brought entertainment and information into our homes. But then, it is also necessary for the cables to pass in an orderly manner so as not to endanger the lives of the citizens, specially the road users.
With the failure of the concerned departments to hammer out a solution to the illegal, arbitrary and unauthorized use of the department’s poles by cable internet/television operators to provide satellite channels in the City, the overhanging wires continue to create public nuisance, besides posing threat to life and property.
Lack of any regulatory authority combined with the government’s lethargy to impose restrictions on the reckless use of poles or levy fines on the erring operators has led to the rampant misuse of the government property. Besides, non-compliance of safety norms by the unregulated private sector cable network undertakings continuously pose grave danger to life and property.
Describing the danger to life on account of the haphazard pulling of wires over electric poles, residents speaking to Team The Aman Sandesh Times said , “Danger arises when the television cable and the live electricity cable, which run simultaneously over the pole, come in contact with each other. Most of the operators do not comply with safety standards, they should make use of insulated messenger wires. Instead they lay GI or metallic wires which are good conductors of electricity.
Residents added that the danger is aggravated especially when high tension conductors snap. Snapping of power lines may be at a far distance but since the television cable runs on the particular line which has snapped, the person handling the gadget at home may be electrocuted due to transmission of direct supply and sometimes, such electric shocks are fatal in nature.”
Besides, the unsystematic network of wires creates a nuisance to the electricity staff while dealing with breakdowns. “Many times the operators conveniently tie amplifiers to the poles for better reception.
At several places even due to the laying of too many cables few electric poles have tilted sideways and thus may result in a serious accident. Who Cares???

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