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Thursday, Date: Sep 28, 2023 Time: 8:34 pm


Mohali: Shalinder Anand, ex president of Mohali Property Consultants Association was honoured during the session of the Assembly of Ontario. Mr. Doug Ford Premier of Ontario himself greeted and honoured Mr. Shalinder Anand and his wife Sweety Anand in the assembly and even offered his chair to Mr. Anand.
Mr. Shalinder Anand visited Asembly of Ontario on the invite of Mr. Deepak Anand, MPP (MLA) of Mississauga to see the proceedings of the assembly along his wife Mrs. Sweety Anand. Mr. Deepak Anand introduced Anand family to the assembly members. On this occasion, the Premier (Chief Minister) of the Ontario Assembly, the Speaker and all the MLAs present in the Assembly greeted Mr. Anand and his wife with applause and wished them well.
On this occasion, Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario province, invited Mr. Anand to his office to honor him and took a commemorative picture with him by offering Mr. Anand his chair. Meanwhile, the assembly speaker Mr. Ted Arnott also honored Anand family.
Mr. Shailnder Anand, after his return said that he had gone to Canada to visit his brother and he did not even dreamt that he would be honored like this in Canada. He said that his younger brother Mr. Deepak Anand went to Canada 22 years ago and now he has made a name in the field of politics in Canada. He said that Deepak Anand has made Punjab and India  and the Anand family proud.
He said that on this occasion that an example of hospitality has been set by the elected representatives of Canada.

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