Tuesday, Date: May 21, 2024 Time: 1:06 am

Stray cattle roam freely in Mohali

Mohali: Stray cattle roaming and squatting on main roads in Mohali have become a cause of road mishaps. The stray cattle on many times have attacked morning and evening walkers leaving them injured but the district administration has taken no action.Residents complained, a number of animals can be seen wandering everywhere in the streets and […]

Residents seek MC’s attention towards stray dog menace

Mohali: Residents in Mohali have called on the Municipal Corporation for not delivering the desired results with their animal birth control (ABC) programme, alleging that the stray dog problem in the Mohali seems to be had gone out of hand.Residents added “Stray dogs roaming in the locality make us feel very unsafe. Children can’t go […]

Phase 9 residents forced to inhale foul smell

Mohali: N-Choe nullah passing through residential area of Phase 9, Mohali, has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, stagnant water is common cause for foul smell which has made life miserable for residents. Residents added, mosquitoes are rulings the area which has made difficult to walk around the area safely during evening or morning.Residents claimed […]

No end to stray dog menace in Mohali

Mohali: The Municipal Corporation has failed to curb the stray dog menace, Dog-bite cases continue to rise. Besides, dogs chase motorists at times resulting in accidents.Residents demanded, the MC authorities to launch an animal birth-control programme to tackle stray dog menace.Residents added, in the absence of a sterilisation drive, the population of the stray dogs […]

The flashy colours of the banners often distract the commute

Mohali: While the footpaths are obviously developed by the Municipal Corporation to provide a safe and hassle-free walking experience to pedestrians, unfortunately these footpaths has now turned into a hub for illegal hoardings since a long time. One can witness these gross violations along the whole pavement, even as the civic body seems to be […]

Residents Demand action against encroachers

Mohali: Residents of Mohali demanded action must be initated against illegal hoardings and encroachments by roadside vendors.Residents added, most of the city roads are witnessing encroachments which hamper the traffic flow and suggested there must be strict laws to handle encroachments.The Municipal Corporation (MC) should allocate separate space to street vendors. Regular inspection should be […]

Vehicles without number plates move freely in Mohali

Mohali: Fixing HSRPs have been re-started in the state to avoid vehicle-borne crimes, the plates are fastened with non-removable, non-reusable snap lock-fitting system. The front and rear number plates have unique alphanumeric laser identification number, which, upon affixation on the vehicle, gets registered with the central database of VAHAN.But still many vehicles being driven on […]

Roads give bumpy ride to commuters in Mohali

Mohali: Recarpeting work most of the phases and Sectors in Mohali here hasn’t been carried out for the past long time and the condition of roads has gone from bad to worse, the roads are hardly motorable as they are filled with potholes and give a bumpy ride to commuters.Commuters while talking to the team […]

Poles in Mohali cry for upkeep ink

Mohali: The cemented base of a street light poles in Mohali are broken. It could be threatening if not repaired at the earliest. Residents added, the authorities concerned should look into the matter. Who Cares?

Ads on electric poles an eyesore for residents

Mohali: Electric poles could be seen in Mohali carrying advertisements of private firms, it is common to see flexes of private ads hanging on electric poles, which are an eyesore for residents.The most commonly seen flexes are of political parties, astrologers or related to religions.Residents said, concerned authorities are not taking the matter seriously and […]