Open invite to vector-borne diseases in Mohali

Open invite to vector-borne diseases in Mohali

Mohali: Dengue and malaria are spread by bite of vector carrying mosquitoes known as Aedes and Female Anopheles respectively. These diseases are common during monsoon as there is water logging and clogging at domestic and public surroundings. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water.
The threat of vector-borne diseases, especially dengue and malaria, is looming large in Mohali, the stagnant water on the main roads digged in Sahi Majra area has become a cause for concern for residents as it is a breeding-ground for mosquitoes.
Residents of Shahi Majra stated roads have been digged and all the area near our locality is filled with water and mosquitoes prevail here in abundance. Who cares???

Will vehicles without number plates be challaned???

Mohali: Fixing HSRPs have been re-started in the state to avoid vehicle-borne crimes, the plates are fastened with non-removable, non-reusable snap lock-fitting system. The front and rear number plates have unique alphanumeric laser identification number, which, upon affixation on the vehicle, gets registered with the central database of VAHAN.
But still many vehicles being driven on Mohali roads can be seen without number plates. Who cares???

Senior Citizens carry out plantation drive

Mohali: Senior Citizens of Phase 9, Mohali carried out a plantation drive, adding more new saplings to the existing plants and celebrated birthday of their member ShInderjeet by planting ornamental pine tree at Ph-9 Nature Park.
It is pertinent to mention that senior citizens plant a tree on birthday of their member to enhance flora & fauna of the nature park stated Retd Col TPS Bedi.
Among others present to grace the occasion were Dr Harish Puri, KJS Brar, RS Toor, Gulshan Veer Singh, BS Bhatia, TR Banka, SurinderBedi, RS Bewali, COL. TBS Bedi and all members present on the occasion wished ShInderjeet avery happy birthday and good health.

Illegal banners go un-noticed in Mohali

Mohali: As per the Punjab Municipal Outdoor Advertisement Policy, it is the responsibility of the MC officials to take action against illegal advertisements but Mohali Municipal Corporation (MC) seems to have failed to take any concrete steps to stop Illegal banners hanging at different points in Mohali city.
Advertising banners could be spotted easily hanging at points such as electricity poles, traffic light poles, street light poles in the city and no action is being taken against those who misuse them. who cares..?

Pothole-ridden road irks commuters

Mohali: With the city witnessing moderate rainfall for the past few days, roads in various localities in Mohali have become a nightmare for commuters, as dangerously deep potholes are causing severe inconvenience for commuters who have to bear the physical as well as financial loss for getting their vehicles damaged. Residents, commuters demanded from the Administration to locate the damaged roads and carry out repair works soon.
Who Cares???

Stray cattle a menace on several roads in Mohali

Mohali: The problem of stray cattle is nothing new to road users in Mohali, herds of stray cows and buffaloes roam freely on the thoroughfares and interior roads causing hindrance to traffic. Many people riding two-wheelers have been injured after the vehicles skidded because of cow dung on the road.
Free-roaming cattle is a threat to two-wheeler riders as animals run in the middle of the road and all of a sudden move sideways causing road accidents. Who cares???

Illegal Banners/hoardings continue in Mohali

Mohali: Mohali Municipal Corporation (MC) seems to have failed to take any concrete steps to stop Illegal hoardings violations in the city.
Advertising hoardings could be spotted easily hanging at different points in city such as electricity poles, traffic light poles, street light poles installed at various points in the city by hanging their hoardings and no action is being taken against those who misuse them.
As per the Punjab Municipal Outdoor Advertisement Policy, it is the responsibility of the MC officials to take action against illegal advertisements. Who cares?

Excess growth of congress grass poses a threat health of Mohali residents – Vineet Verma

Mohali: The pavements and berms along the roads in Mohali City are filled with overgrown wild grass and congress grass making them unusable and putting pedestrianslife at high risk stated Vineet Verma, State President Vyapar Wing and spokesperson Aam Aadmi Party, Punjab.
While, highlighting the issue, Sr AamAadmi Party leader Vineet Verma said, residents feel scared to walk on the footpaths as they are covered withexcess growth of congress grass and wild grass all over the footpaths.
Vineet Verma stated, as we are aware that congress grass had a lot of ill-effects on people’s health, the pollen grain of the congress grass causes acute chronic problems, including bronchitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, common cold, pain in neck and even depression in people and demanded timely cutting of the wild growth. Who Cares???

Defacement a blot on the beauty of Mohali

Mohali: Nobody is allowed to deface public or private property by putting up posters, notices, paintings or banners without prior written permission from the concerned authorities, but the situation in Mohali seems to be different as several establishments across the city continue to violate the Punjab Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1997.
Unauthorised posters and advertisements can be spotted at various public places in Mohali such as in the markets, on the streetlight poles, railings of the parks and boundary walls of houses, buildings, as this has become an eyesore and a blot on the beauty of the city.
Residents are irked over illegal pasting of posters as a step towards the growing visual pollution in the city.
Residents demanded, district administration should conduct raids regularly across the city to avoid the prevailing menace, but Who Cares???

Open manholes have failed to wake up the Mohali Municipal Corporation

Mohali: Open manholes have failed to wake up the Mohali Municipal corporation, the roads go under water during rain, these holes go invisible, and commuters new to the city may fall into these 7-to10 feet deep traps.
Roads in Industrial Area Phase 7 Mohali can be seen with open manholes. The concrete lids have fallen into some manholes, MC Mohali ignores this threat as non-fatal mostly accidents occur when commuters fail to notice the broken lids or hit uneven covers.
Residents said urgent repair or cleaning didn’t mean that manholes should be left open. Who cares???

Stray dog menace a concern in Mohali

Mohali: Stray dogs menace has increased manifold in Phase 9, Mohali nature park.
Retd. Col. TPS Bedi stated, it is very difficult for children and senior citizens to walk safely in the park, we don’t know what our corporation plans to make our city free from dog menace.
Apart from posing a threat to pedestrians, they are making life difficult for senior citizens and children too. Who cares!

Portion of road caves in

Mohali: A portion of the paver blocks laid at Green Area Park entrance, Phase 3 Industrial Area Mohali, has, caved in. No casualty has been reported yet, but the Mohali Municipal Corporation officials have not startled into action after the cave in. Residents stated it seems the officials are waiting for some major accident.
Who cares???

Monsoon, a sign of happiness or a headache?

Mohali: Every time when it rains we find waterlogged roads, traffic jams, potholes, etc., which are now becoming inevitable, concreted surfaces fail to absorb the rain water that causes waterlogging on the roads.
Drainage system was built to keep rainwater off the roads but today due to lack of attention of civic bodies, drains are getting clogged as garbage accumulated along the roadside, fallen dried leaves, debris, plastic, and other garbage directly goes into the drains and this is the major factor of drain clogging that further results in water logging on roads.
If 30% of problems are happening due to heavy rain then the rest 70% is due to human negligence, viz massive construction and endless development, water-absorbing sectors like – forests, fields, wetlands, and mangroves are diminishing. Who cares??

Wear helmets while driving because life is precious

Driving without a Helmet is a Crime

Mohali: People neither value their own life nor that of others. Driving without a helmet is highly risky and nobody knows what the real consequence could be if someone met with an accident. It’s got more to do with the pride that people take in flouting norms.
A senior resident stated that we should take care of ourselves and others on the roads and wear helmets while on two-wheelers. Who cares??

Damaged, neglected road dividers may turn dangerous

Mohali: The dividers on the main roads of the Mohali city are broken at many places, somewhere the bricks are uprooted and somewhere the broken part of the divider is lying on the road. These broken dividers may lead to mishap.
The dividers are in bad condition on all the major roads of the city.
Residents have appealed to the administration to get the broken divider repaired so that accidents can be avoided.
Who Cares???

Signboards are blocked by trees

Mohali: Most of the signboard installed on the sector dividing roads in Mohali seems to be blocked by trees, causing a problem for road users who are unfamiliar with the area.
Residents stated concerned department should get the overgrown branches prune regularly and demanded that the department should be vigilant and look out for branches that obstructed signboards.
Poor maintenance is the cause of the problem and the matter should be taken seriously, as many motorists, especially those from outstation, depended on road signage to get to their destinations. Who Cares???

Commuters suffer due to potholed roads

Mohali: The potholes on roads and internal streets in Mohali are yet to be repaired.
Residents stated it is commonly seen in the city that the potholes are not repaired timely. If a survey is conducted, potholes on roads can be found in many areas. When the people pay taxes, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the provision of good roads.
Officials concerned must keep a check on the roads and internal streets and they must take timely measures to ensure repair of the broken roads to avert mishaps. Who Cares??

Residents seek MC’s attention towards stray dog menace in Mohali

Mohali: Residents have called out the Municipal Corporation has fail to control the stray dog problem in the Mohali city.
Resident said, Packs of stray dogs roaming in residential areas and on the roads, as well as in parks make us feel very unsafe. Children can’t go to play in parks because of these dogs. They have even been attacking our cars and leaving bite marks and scratches. Who cares

Broken Sign Boards a common seen in Mohali

Mohali: The sign boards installed in Mohali by the Municipal Corporation, are commonly seen broken or may be seen hidden behind the overgrown trees and now they are not of much help to the commuters. The authorities concerned are not seem to be bothered to get the boards repaired for the convenience of the public.
These broken signs boards escape the sight of civil officers as well.
But Who cares??

Darkness due to Unpruned trees in Mohali a threat to vehicular traffic

Mohali: It becomes worse, when street lights which are supposed to illuminate roads are completely covered with trees. Residents stated many of the street lights along the roads in Mohali are covered by overgrown trees – light falling on road is particularly low.
Lack of timely pruning of trees on roadsides in Mohali have resulted in the formation of virtual tunnels of branches at almost all the sector/ phase dividing roads in the city. The overly grown trees, more taller than the three-storey buildings, not only block sunlight but also the streetlights from the poles installed at roadsides to provide light to the commuters during the dark.
Senior residents stated, the situation is worse as most of the street light poles erected on the city roads for motorists are covered with branches and leaves of these overly-grown trees. Who cares???

Stagnant rainwater trouble commuters

Mohali: Though there was no fresh spell of rain today, stagnant rainwater has made life miserable. Vehicular movement near Spice lights has been hit due to knee-deep stagnant water. Rain water has remained stagnant on the road over the last few days and large potholes are adding to commuters’ woes. Passerby have also raised complaints of mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water on the sides of the road. But Who cares???