Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:52 pm

Citizens worried, officers unmoved

Mohali: Electric poles, traffic light poles in Mohali can be seen carrying advertisements of private firms, which is illegal. It is found that it is common to see flexes of private ads hanging on electric poles, which are an eyesore for residents.
Residents and commuters added, Our local authorities are also not taking the matter seriously, which makes them more courageous to even do such kind of acts without any fear.
Residents added, the government must fix accountability and make individual members of the executive liable for lack of public safety and suggested a committee of volunteers should be formed from Public who can help and assist the concerned officials/staff by informing them the location of illegal hoardings to make it easier for them to remove.
Many hoardings are installed at places, which can cause mishaps.
Residents added that Municipal Corporation (MC) can generate a huge revenue by issuing challans to the violators and demanded necessary action should be taken against the errant.
But Who Cares????
Municipal Corporation Commissioner said, we have removed illegal posters a number of times and will take strict action against the violators.

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