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Civil Surgeon asks students to take caution when dealing with pets

World Zoonosis day observed at government health institutions in district

Mohali: World Zoonosis day was observed today in various government health institutions across the district. Addressing the students at a Government High school in Boothgarh near Kurali in a district-level function, Dr Adarshpal Kaur said that animals play a big part in spreading zoonotic diseases, with 75 per cent of new or emerging diseases originating from them. She said many people keep pets at home, especially dogs and cats, and often pamper them. But caution is needed when doing so. Animals kept indoors should also be regularly inspected and vaccinated as failure to do so could lead to the spread of dangerous diseases. She said that zoonotic diseases can be transmitted through air, water or food. Therefore, caution is needed when dealing with pets, since proximity to animals can be dangerous. The transmission can occur when there is contact with the animals, consumption of the meat or using of animal products. The disease can jump from your pets, from farm animals reared for meat or from hunting, butchering and consuming wild game. She further said that rabies has been a deadly disease since time immemorial and when the cure for rabies was developed it was a great achievement for humanity. She added that Covid-19 virus is currently a serious crisis in the world and it is believed that the virus has entered humans from animals.
Notably, World Zoonosis day is held every year to commemorate the first vaccination against rabies, a zoonotic disease that was successfully administered by Louis Pasteur, a French biologist, on July 6, 1885. The day is also marked to raise awareness about the risk of zoonotic diseases like Covid-19, bird flu, Ebola, Avian influenza and West Nile virus.
On this occasion, senior medical officer Dr Alakjot Kaur, Nodal Officer Dr Harmandeep Kaur, Dr Arun Bansal, veterinary surgeon Dr Kuldeep Singh, Health Inspector Gurtej Singh and other health officials were present.
Precautionary measures
Wash hands with soap and water properly.
If you have an animal, take care of it, get it vaccinated regularly.
Immediately wash the cut wound with soap and running water.
Do not abuse pets, do not kick, do not pull tails and do not throw stones.
Wear protective clothing and spray repellent to prevent bites from fleas, mosquitoes and ticks.
Store and handle food safely and to avoid bites and scratches from animals.
Keep hands and face clean. When going to a crowded place, cover your face and keep your hands clean.

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