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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 2:33 pm


Mohali: With an aim to ensure proper drainage of rainwater special measures are being taken by the Mohali Municipal Corporation, Public Health Department, Mohali, as road gullies are being cleaned and the drainage system is being streamlined before the onset of the monsoon.
Residents added, Despite claims of the corporation, waterlogging is witnessed in different parts of the city every monsoon they also added that like every year the ongoing drainage cleaning work is causing inconvenience to residents in Mohali as after cleaning the road gullies the silt removed from road gully has been left over around the road gully which may result in either falling back in road gully, also result in causing bad smell around the area and is a hindrance inflow of traffic.
It is pertinent to mention here that back in the year 2013, Mohali resident Atul Sharma had filed a case against GMADA and the public health and water supply department, Mohali, seeking directions for maintenance of inside roads and sewerage system in the city.
The case that was filed in a permanent lok adalat (PUS) was awarded in favour of the Mohali resident Atul Sharma and the court ordered executive engineer water supply and sanitation of division no 1 to immediately clean the sewerage pipes or lines in the area and told him to get them cleaned on regular intervals. But Who Cares???

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