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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 4:23 pm


Mohali: Loosely hanging overhead cables, wires pose a serious threat to both pedestrians and people on vehicles. The problem cannot be left unattended. Uncovered wires hanging loose can be spotted at several areas in the city. It’s an open invitation to several road accidents.
The tangled power lines hanging off the electricity poles and nearby transformers can prove as fadal to one’s dear life as they can prove to filter the reliance. These cobwebs of wires are a threat to the general public.
Sources stated with the load at its peak during the summer, the risk of a major mishap arising out of a possible short circuit also two-folds as the wires get heat up abnormally. Notably, in most of the fire accidents, the short circuiting of wires acts as a catalyst.
Residents added, dangling power cables in various parts of the city are posing a risk to lives, People can lose their lives if they come in contact with these wires. The situation becomes worse during the monsoon. Anyone may lose precious life only because of electrical wires which are in turn hanging loosely above the heads of people.
Residents demanded, government should maintain a proper construction and design of electrical system which can save the precious life of several people. The government can consult trained electricians and also provide them with proper equipment to handle the problem.
Residents suggested, the Electricity Department should come forward to put all electricity wires underground and all cable operators should be issued an instruction to put cable underground otherwise their license be terminated and demanded preventing measures should be taken by the authorities concerned.
Sanctioning authorities, who have sanctioned cable wire for television connections and also for mobile phone communication, must place this information on their website, public domain under section 4 of RTI Act 2005.
The relevant information in the public domain shall assist public authorities as well as the general public and shall help the administration in solving the problems.
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