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Thursday, Date: Sep 28, 2023 Time: 7:12 pm


Mohali: Commuters and residents had complained about the bad condition of the roads in Mohali, as potholes have turned out to be a major cause of road accidents and a number of accidents have been reported due to potholes as people lost control of their vehicles while navigating them in dark or even due to fog as the visibility is very less.
The reasons for the proliferation of potholes is better known to the concerned officials, but residents said it may be due to poor road construction, lack of timely and effective repair and maintenance, and indifference and callousness on the part of authorities, including politicians and officials, in taking timely preventive and remedial actions.
Residents blamed that the inferior quality material might have been used and unscientific road-laying techniques employed by contractors to cut corners also shortens the life of road.
Residents added that the Vigilance and Anti – Corruption Bureau should conduct inspections of roads in Mohali and the person entrusted with its management and construction including engineers and contractors shall be held responsible for any irregularity.
Potholes exist as death traps on all roads, if roads are constructed with good material and maintained properly they will remain free of potholes and in good condition. Residents’ associations and other citizens’ bodies could keep a watch on roads and their maintenance because it is the common people who have to use these roads and it is their money that leaks through the potholes. But Who Cares???

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