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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 6:47 pm


Mohali: Condition of roads in most of the city are not in a good condition as they have been left unattended for years now. Motorists visiting post office or banks in Phase 5 could be seen facing a nightmare, due to its condition and could be said to be to the worst to suffer.
Parking Lot in Phase 5 Mohali is grappling with a host of problems, thanks to official apathy and delayed development/ maintenance.
Entry points of the parking area are so badly maintained, it affects the overall area,” said a visitor in the area.
Several customers added “It’s been a decade, but things are the same the outer area of the shops( Parking) is still the same… garbage mixed with mud. Water accumulates everywhere when it rains.”
Residents added that the Municipal Corporation which is responsible for the upkeep of the area has not cared to carry out any repair work in the area yet.
The surface of road in the parking area has become uneven and there are many potholes on it. Who Cares???

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