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Commuters suffer due to potholes in Mohali

Mohali: Commuters are frustrated with the state of roads in Mohali. They say that most of the roads in Mohali are is in a terrible condition and commuting through it is extremely dangerous. They want authorities to take quick action to fix the dilapidated roads.
A senior citizen commuter, said, “The condition of road’s in Mohali is extremely bad. Commuting through the Mohali is an absolute pain. There is not even a stretch on the road free from potholes. If any vehicle falls into any one of these craters, a major accident is bound to happen.
Commuters also pointed out that over the last few days, the city has seen a number of accidents because of potholes and said, “Even though there have been so many deaths and accidents because of potholes, no action has been taken to fix this road. It is like an accident waiting to happen. I honestly feel scared whenever I have to use the road while on my two-wheeler.”
Another commuter, said that the condition of the road becomes worse when it is dark as the road gets dark and most of the potholes are not visible as there is no way commuters can understand where the potholes are, which makes it even more risky.
Commuters added, that the potholes also affect smooth flow of traffic, it is not possible for anyone to drive at a normal speed. Everyone has to ride very slowly and carefully in order to cross the roads without any injuries.
The condition of roads is worse in the prominent areas Mohali including Phases 2, 3B2, 3B1 and 7 and industrial area.
The poor state of roads not only poses a risk to the lives of residents, but also causes financial burden as they have to get their vehicles serviced more often.
Who Cares???
Navjot Kaur, MC commissioner, said the work is being carried out area wise. “We are making best efforts to complete the patch work at the earliest and we have already covered majorly damaged roads,” she said.

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