Daily Evening The Aman Sandesh Times Monday 7th June

One thought on “Daily Evening The Aman Sandesh Times Monday 7th June”
  1. I found the e-news paper very informative & useful as it covers almost all the relevant news relating to social problems and residents news items, necessary for the readers.
    Various social problems faced by the residents about non/poor maintenance of street lights, erratic power supplies & disruption of street lights mainly due to heavy storms affecting the residents.
    Two days ago I found news item relating to N-Choe coming from Chandigarh and passing through almost whole of the Mohali city is a great problem & requires its permanent solution both by the Chandigarh Administration & the government of Punjab. All the efforts made in the past have been a failure & the problem remains as it is, inspiute of great promises made by the concerned authorities time & again. .

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