Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:46 pm

Damaged/uneven paver poses threat

Mohali: Be careful while walking around in Mohali as the paver blocks in most of the areas are broken and can very well prove lethal to pedestrians roaming around. Mohali Municipal Corporation has turned a blind eye towards damaged paver blocks along roads in the city causing inconvenience to pedestrians.
Different stretches, connecting different parts of Mohali is a good example of broken paver blocks. Water gets accumulated in cracks on the stretch whenever it rains.
Residents added, broken roads and damaged paver blocks in streets of Mohali are the bane of residents, as it is causing lot of inconvenience to residents.
Several senior citizens demanded vigilance enquiry for all the “Paver blocks, which were laid in parts of Mohali as most of them had broken due to poor quality material being used.
During a visit in different sectors /Phases in Mohali it was found that most of the interlocking tiles paver blockes are broken, at several points even pedestrian paths were in that bad shape that it could invite any untoward incident, especially during the night. However, the authorities never bothered to get them repaired, complained the residents and passers-by and residents added that at several places the paver blocks installed are uneven too, this also pose problems for the pedestrians.
Who Cares???
However, officials of the Municipal Corporation said they would take care of the issue and added, “Whenever we receive any such complaint, we replace damaged or broken paver blocks.

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