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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 7:50 pm


Mohali: Cables of television and internet service providers hanging low in a haphazard manner from electric poles and lamp posts continue to pose a safety threat to the public in municipal areas in Mohali.
Residents added that we notice clusters of overhanging cables and wires laid haphazardly on poles, trees and other structures even though they are not permitted, in most of the cases, of the parts of Mohali, Theses unauthorised cables and wires cause unwarranted inconvenience to the general public and are a open threat to the safety of residents.
Residents demand an action by the concerned authorities to remove the cables hanging precariously from electrical poles.
Residents added that we are moving towards making Mohali a smart city but in spite of bringing the matter to the notice of the concerned authorities nothing seems to have been done about dangling wires of cable TV.
Internet service providers tie to the electric pole which gets hooked on to the school buses and other commuters, these unauthorised cables and wires present a ugly picture and are the biggest hurdle towards a step of the “smart city” aim.
During a random check, many cables and wires entangled with each other were seen hanging low, tied to trees, poles or other structures in different Phases in Mohali
Residents demand that concerned authorities must initiate immediate action against service providers who fail to remove the unauthorised and low-hanging wires in Mohali and should be penalised for a violation and revenue could also be generated. But Who Cares???

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