DC Mohali greets residents and appeals to follow Covid norms

Mohali: As we enter the New Year 2022, Deputy Commissioner Ms Isha Kalia while talk with the team of The Aman Sandesh Times said, I, wish you all a Happy New Year! We know last year was challenging, and I pray that New Year 2022 will bring more special moments for all of you and your family.
Happy New Year 2022 and made an appeal to all to follow Covid norms and added, “We need to follow covid protocol to break the coronavirus transition cycle in the district. We are serious about the health and security of the people, and the administration is taking concrete steps and keeping a watchful eye on every aspect.” Mohali DC Ms Isha Kalia also appealed to the people to ensure a compliance with the Covid rules set by the government and the administration including wearing of masks, maintain social distancing.
“Extensive arrangements have been made at the administration level to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Deputy Commissioner Ms Kalia also informed that there is sufficient stock available for the second dose and appealed to the people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
The health department is monitoring persons infected with the virus. A control room has been set up by the administration along with various helpline numbers for medical services, information related to prevention of Covid-19.
“Risk of corona virus has not completely gone away, so it is our collective responsibility to follow guidelines to end the prevailing situation,” DC said.
Deputy Commissioner also sought cooperation of media persons to make people aware of Covid-19 pandemic and its hazards.

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