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Saturday, Date: Dec 09, 2023 Time: 4:15 am


Chandigarh: Despite forming several teams, Vaccination Campaigns launched in Chandigarh to control Lumpy Skin Disease in Cattle, situation on the ground seems to be different as MC Chandigarh is struggling hard for the disposal of carcasses.
In the absence of proper details of the concerned officials and the contractor appointed by the MC to remove carcasses public is suffering.
A resident of Sector 56 added, few days ago there was a news in several newspaper that teams formed, Vaccination Campaigns launched in Chandigarh to control Lumpy Skin Disease in Cattle, in the wake of incidences/outbreak of Lumpy Skin Disease in cattle in neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana and sporadic cases in Chandigarh, the Department of Animal Husbandry, Chandigarh Administration is taking up all preventive measures to control the disease in the city. All types of assistance including free medicines for the treatment of the animals, and general awareness to check the spread of disease are provided to Livestock owner’s at the doorstep.
Awareness campaign and round-the-clock surveillance of disease are being carried out. Fogging and fumigation is also being done regularly in the Dairy populated area.
Further, for the prevention of the disease, the department has launched a vaccination campaign to vaccinate all the healthy cattle in villages and Gaushalas of U.T. Chandigarh as per guidelines of Govt. of India, free of cost.
10,000 doses of vaccine have been procured by the department for the purpose. The vaccination will be carried out through veterinary institutions consisting of 04 Veterinary Hospitals and 09 Veterinary Sub Centres functioning in various villages of Chandigarh.
13 teams consisting of Veterinary staff shall undertake vaccination of healthy cattle from door to door under the supervision of the Veterinary officer of the area but the residents are not aware where to contact.
Several officers of the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh were contacted but were too helpless in getting carcasses removed.
Residents added after contacting several officers they were able to get the details of concerned contractor Jasbeer Singh.

Jasbir Singh the Contractor said we have been carring out the work for MC Chandigarh for the last several years and as per the last contract we were paid Rs.65000 per Month and the contract has been finishd and we are just doing SEWA presently.

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