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Dog bite car tyres in Mohali

Mohali: Mohali city has witnessed an alarming rise in dog bite cases and accidents involving canines, stray dog menace has become a major concern for the residents in Mohali.
An increasing number of stray dogs in Mohali has resulted that people now fear to venture out late even in cars in case of any urgency, situation is that stray packs rule several bylanes and roads in the city, pedestrians, two-wheeler riders and even four-wheelers are now scared.
Dogs are notorious for chasing things, cats, other dogs, and, of course, cars. They do seem particularly interested in car tires, enjoying snapping and biting at them, whether the car is in motion or parked up minding its own business.
There have been many cases in Phase 2 Mohali, of dogs biting through a car tire. Their teeth are sharp, and some dogs have very strong jaws, no doubt tires seem very strong, they have steel belts inside them which help them stand up to the wear and tear of a vehicle, but still, dogs can puncture. A dog’s teeth can puncture a tire, particularly a sidewall, fairly easily.
Many dogs who bite through a tire are repeat offenders, suggesting that biting through a tire is quite satisfying for most dogs.
Residents pointed out that a concrete plan or policy should be framed by the authorities in order to check the rising population of canines. “Lack of concrete efforts from the Administration side failed to give desired results, hence, the residents continue to live under fear.
Residents demand that the civic body must tackle the growing issues of dog menace in the node and have highlighted the rising cases of dog bites. Fear has gripped school-going children.
The menace needs to be addressed by proper policy measures including sterilization drives.
Apart from posing a threat to vehicular movements, stray are making life difficult for senior citizens and children, residents who are scared to step out.
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