Domestic LPG cylinders being used for commercial purpose

Mohali: The government machinery did not take the pain to check the misuse of domestic LPG cylinders, although the use of domestic liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders for commercial purpose is banned strictly yet are being openly used at road side by tea sellers, dhabas in Mohali.
One can often find domestic LPG cylinders being used for commercial purpose at various places in the town in open violation of government rules.
As per norms, no shopkeepers or owners of other commercial establishments is allowed to use domestic LPG cylinders. Still a large number of shop owners/ street vendors, dhabas can be seen using domestic LPG cylinders at their shops.
Residents added due to lack of proper vigil by the authorities concerned domestic LPG cylinders are being openly used by roadside vendors, eating joints, tea sellers and other commercial establishments.
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