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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 12:59 pm


Mohali: Traffic congestion is a common phenomenon in cities and towns across the nation. Mohali city cannot become smart unless there is a check on rampant encroachment, which is quite evident at public places. The unauthorised encroachment by shopkeepers, hawkers and vendors on roads and footpaths to display and sell their articles with the tacit connivance of municipal officials and policemen on duty is largely responsible for the increasing problems on the road said residents.
Despite the fact that the government spends a huge sum of money on maintenance of infrastructure and various civic amenities, the Municipal Corporation has always been found wanting in taking the adequate measures, especially to tackle the perennial problem of encroachment. In markets, shopkeepers and hawkers have encroached upon the area in front of their establishments, leaving little space for people’s movement. Footpaths and green belts, too, haven’t been spared by kiosks, rehris or some nearby households, which often causes traffic snarls and accidents and great inconvenience to pedestrians. Those selling fruits, vegetables and other eateries litter the ground with leftovers and leave no space for pedestrians.
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