Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 6:47 pm

Encroachment on footpaths leave little space for pedestrians

Mohali: With footpaths and pavements being encroached upon, pedestrians are forced to walk on the busy roads of Mohali. In some areas, the encroachments are rampant as pedestrians are forced to walk on the road sides, risking their lives.
The majority of the footpaths are occupied by fruit or vegetable vendors and hawkers leaving little space for pedestrians. Furthermore, flex banners, advertisement hoardings, signboards and mannequins kept by shopkeepers are invading the space meant for pedestrian movement.
Encroachments at several areas in Mohali are rampant due to which . Pedestrians are left with no option but to walk on the road. Many roads are quite narrow with several establishments utilising the platforms for advertising and business operations. Shops around Phase 4 and 3B 1 Mohali where thousands of people walk in and out have lost their footpaths to two-wheelers and roadside vendors.
Residents say that the civic body should carry out frequent eviction drives in order to retain the pedestrian space from violators. “Though several drives have been organised to evict encroachments from footpaths, they come back after a while. The civic body should install surveillance cameras near footpaths to keep an eye on encroachers.”
Residents added that, Regular drives should be conducted to remove the hindrances on footpaths and ensure safe passage for pedestrians. But Who Cares???

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