Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 10:56 pm

Failure to fill potholes on roads irks residents

Mohali: Mohali residents are disappointed over the failure of the Mohali Municipal Corporation (MMC) to carry out patchwork on damaged roads in areas falling under its jurisdiction.
Residents stated, numerous roads, including the major roads across the city have been severely dilapidated. Paving new roads on major connectivity roads is fine, but the corporation should also think about the issues faced by the people of Mohali areas while travelling. Majority of the roads in the city are yet to be repaired.
Residents have been facing the inconvenience for long time now as the roads in Mohali are in a pitiable conditions with broken surface, mud and gravel strewn all over. At several places a chunk of the roads has almost vanished, posing a threat to road users.
Potholes have been giving nightmares to citizens, especially during the night hours. Residents raised various issues like digging of roads for cable lines, faulty road construction, and fatalities due to potholes and said these problems have increased their agony of living in Mohali. Residents complained that the roads have neither been re-carpeted, nor the potholes have been filled yet for years.
Who Cares???
MC Commissioner Navjot Kaur said all vulnerable spots will be repaired soon and officials had been instructed to get patchwork completed of the damaged Roads.

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