Tuesday, Date: Jun 06, 2023 Time: 3:28 pm

First Annual General Meeting of the Pythian Council of India on 27 May

Chandigarh: With an aim to focus on areas such as music, dance, poetry, painting, writing, theatre, culinary arts and digital arts and to highlight sports that are still played in villages and taluks across the country The Pythian Council of India has been formed.
Several office bearers of the National Executive Board of the Pythian Council of India were today announced by Bijendra Goyal, Founder, Modern Pythian Games. Among these new office bearers, many big officers, artists and industrialists have been appointed to the posts of National Council and State Councils. The first Annual General Meeting of the Pythian Council of India will be held on 27 May 2023 in New Delhi.
Bijendra Goyal informed that the National Executive Board of the Pythian Council of India has Anil Kumar, IAS (Retd) President, Avinash P. Gandhi Vice President, Dr. Hariom Vice President, Dr. Qaiser Khalid, IPS Vice President, Neeraj Kharwal, IAS Vice President, Mukesh Kumar, IAS Vice President, Rajesh Jogpal, IAS General Secretary, Jatin Lal, IAS Additional General Secretary (Organization), Sneha Venkataramani, Additional General Secretary (Arts), TP Singh, Additional General Secretary (Administration), Daya Chand Bhola Deputy General Secretary, Jaywant Naidu Deputy General Secretary, Radhika Khetrapal Deputy General Secretary – Media & Communication, Dr. Ashwini Kumar Deputy General Secretary – Education, Ravi Dahiya Deputy General Secretary Headquarters, Manoj Kumar Deputy. General Secretary – Tribal Art, S Shiv Kumar has been appointed as Treasurer. Apart from this, Rajeev Gupta, IAS, Rafi Masoodi, M Rajasekhar PCS, Ram Dayal, Piyush Dwivedi, Laxman Nasrapuri have been appointed as members. Apart from this, some other appointments include Archana Tyagi Advisor – Media & Communications, Isreal Zuevi, NPS Advisor – Martial Arts, Malathi Rajavelu Advisor – South, Om Prakash Advisor – North East, Capt K S Chauhan Advisor – West, Rafi Masoodi Advisor – North. The responsibility has been given.
Bijendra Goyal said that it is an honor to announce the formation of the Pythian Council of India. This is a significant step forward after the introduction of the concept of the modern Pythian Games to the world at the Delphi Economic Forum in Greece and the subsequent establishment of the International Pythian in 2023.
Highlighting the cultural and historical significance of the Pythian Games, Goyal asserted that India holds the global trademark rights for these games. Like the Olympic Games, the Pythian Games represent a mixture of traditional sports and artistic pursuits. India has a rich history that includes various arts, cultures, traditional sports and martial arts, which form an integral part of our cultural heritage.

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