Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 4:09 pm

Flex Banners continues on electric poles in Mohali

Mohali: Electric poles in Mohali are being increasingly used for hosting illegal advertisements of private institutions and are unsafe. It is found that flexes of private/ political/religious ads hanging on electric poles, which are an eyesore for the residents and put up in violation of guidelines causing revenue loss to the Municipal Corporation Mohali.
Residents said, “In the early morning few men start putting flexes at high speed for advertisement of a local school. They came in an tempo with all their things ready needed for stick and started affix flexes on electric poles. As soon as their activity is over they flew over the spot hurriedly.”
Several residents said that it seems that our local authorities are also not taking the matter seriously which makes them more courageous to even do such kind of acts without fear. These men continue to occupy space on the electric poles with alarming speed and even public transport is not free from this menace in spite of many acts related to prevention of defacement of property which clearly states about putting up illegal stickers, posters and banners is a cognizable offence.
Residents suggested that Municipal Corporation must release a helpline number for citizens to inform them of such illegal hoardings. But Who Cares???
Municipal Corporation Commissioner Ms Navjot Kaur said, “teamsfrom Municipal Corporation have been removing all illegal advertisement boards and hoardings regularly and added that we will take strict action against those people.

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