Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 5:51 pm

Foul smell and Heaps of garbage a common scene

Mohali: Plastic bags, garbage and foul smell emanating from the dump near Balongi Bridge towards Mohali Industrial Area, near Cremation Ground area has made the life of residents, commuters “unbearable”.
Residents and commuters added that due to the absence of sanitation workers in the entire area, the residents are forced to live in pitiable conditions even the stench has become intolerable.
Commuters and residents have been constantly complaining that the area is no longer in “a state to live”. According to a commuter, the poor sanitation facilities in the area seems to have make life miserable for the people around the Balongi area and “It appear that this part of the city doesn’t exist for the concerned authorities as they are not bothered to get the place cleaned.
Residents added that, every part of this area is covered with garbage, situation is that, you won’t find a single place where a heap of garbage hasn’t been piled on”. Several residents claimed that the area has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and diseases related to respiratory disorder. The constant strong stench of garbage has already made people ill.
Commuters added, “So much money is being spent by the Punjab Government to improve the sanitation standards, but the situation here doesn’t seem to change, in present day people are still living with garbage around their houses.” The area also doesn’t have any designated spot to dump garbage and hence it keeps piling on the roads. The residents claimed that since no garbage bins have been installed, people are forced to throw garbage on the roads.
A senior resident added is this place not visible to any of the officer in Mohali, neither the health department team has ever done anything to help get area cleaned for better living standard of residents of Balongi and surroundings.
Residents while talking to the team
The Aman Sandesh Times added, sanitation teams must visit Balongi and have a look at ground level.
But Who Cares???

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