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Night curfew in Tamil Nadu from tonight full lockdown on Sundays

Chennai: Tamil Nadu government has announced a night curfew (from 10pm to 5am) across the state starting from tonight and a full lockdown on Sundays, amid fast-rising COVID-19 cases. During these hours, only public transport, private bus services, fuel stations, ATMs, and essentials such as delivery of milk, newspapers would be permitted to function. 

Those working night shifts in essential industries have been advised to carry company-issued ID cards and vaccination certificates. The government has advised flight, bus, and train passengers travelling during the curfew/lockdown hours to carry their ticket copies to prove their credentials. Those who have valid travel tickets can use autos and taxis to get around during the curfew hours.

On Sunday lockdowns, only essential services would be permitted, besides online food delivery services and take-away at hotels, which can function between 7 a.m. and 10 pm. During Sunday lockdowns, even public transportation would be inoperative.

Only classes in grades 9–12th grade will be permitted to have in-person schooling. Training and coaching centres are not permitted to function. Buses, metros, and local trains can accommodate only up to 50% of their seating capacity. All colleges, other than medical and paramedical colleges, have been asked to remain closed till January 20th.

Government and private celebratory events for Pongal festivities are cancelled. All entertainment and amusement parks are closed. However, the public will be able to visit beaches alone for walking. All places of worship will be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Hotels, lodges, restaurants, clothing and jewellery stores, gyms, yoga centers, clubs, cinema halls, indoor stadiums, salons, spas, and beauty parlours will be limited to 50% occupancy.

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