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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 12:49 pm


Mohali: The parks and gardens are reserved in localities to provide breather from congestion and relief from climate pollution, but unfortunately, the grass and flowers are missing but litter could be seen everywhere in a green belts as well as in most of the parks in Mohali.
Residents added that the green belts and parks in Mohali seems to be being ignored by the concerned officials for the last few months, only God knows the reason behind it.
While talking to the team The Aman Sandesh Times senior citizens added, the parks are a common place for the elders to sit in the evening where they pass time, but due to the poor management and broken jogging tracks, they feel hesitant coming in parks for walks.
Residents stated, that plants in parks are not being pruned since long time and demanded necessary steps should be taken to bring back the beauty of parks and suggested that the supervisors must be employed to ensure that parks are properly maintained in addition the residents wished for well maintained some basic essentials like playway facilities for children and gyms equipment in parks, which presently are either seen in bad shape or rarely provided.
One of the senior citizen added, for better management and close supervision of such parks, RWAs may be involved with authorities to ensure proper utilisation of funds earmarked as it will help to preserve environment and facilitate improvement of needed infrastructure. Well-maintained parks lend a soothing look.
Beautifully maintained parks and gardens in the vicinity of localities do fascinate everyone, But who cares???
Sources in the Municipal Corporation, Mohali added that the work for upkeep of parks will be started soon.
Residents do you feel :
Is the MC doing enough and providing proper facilities in all parks for its residents?
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