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Monday, Date: Apr 22, 2024 Time: 12:12 am


Mohali: Infrastructure at the old Focal Point Industrial Area in Mohali is crying for attention but the authorities have preferred to look the other way.
Industries in the Focal Point area provide employment to thousands of skilled and non-skilled people besides paying different types of taxes that inculde income tax and property tax. However, when it comes to providing amenities to the area, a similar zeal is missing on the part of the government.
There are very few sweepers available in the area which comes only after several requests to senior officers.
Absence of regular cleaning in Industrial area has resulted in unhygienic conditions on roads. Heaps of garbage dot the roads as garbage heaps surfaced in the Industrial estate as the waste-collecting agency is not paying attention to it., which pose a serious health hazard in the area and surroundings.
As waste is not collected regularly, stray animals can be seen grazing there, posing a threat to the lives of people. Industrial Area is crowded daily as there are banks, transport companies and shops. The traders and industrialists are unhappy over the garbage issue.
Industrialists and workers said nearly most of the streetlights always remained out of order. There is a high need to beautify the Focal Point area which has adequate number of regions earmarked for parks and green belts. However, in the absence of deployment of gardeners, these remain unattended. Who Cares???

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