Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 11:27 pm

Heaps of garbage raise a stink

Mohali: Citizens walking over the pavers/ pedestrian near Amartex in Industrial Area, Mohali complained as heaps of garbage gets piled up in open, raising a stink. People feared that the poor sanitation might lead to health issues.
The waste that spilled out of the bins is occupying almost all the area around and, the poor sanitation may lead to increase in health issues,” said a senir citizen while talking to the team The Aman Sandesh Times.
Another resident added, that rain is adding to the woes, “Garbage is strewn around and the area around the bins have become perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.
A security guard from a private company who works near the spot said, as garbage collection was irregular, street dogs tore the bags and garbage spilled all over the roads and added there was a stink emanating from the garbage all around, causing health hazard leading to epidemic. But Who Cares???

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