Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:17 am

Huge crater appears road in Phase 9

Mohali: A huge portion Road caved in creating a deep crater on B Road in Phase 9, Mohali opposite house Number 489, residents added that crater might have been developed on road due to bursting of sewer line underneath.
Residents added, that similar crater was formed earlier too, the location of crater formed earlier was nearby and added that it was repaired by the MC Authorities.
Senior citizens of the area rushed to the spot and barricaded it to keep people away from the danger zone, the carter is right in the middle of the road and has
become a cause of worry for the residents.
Residents of Phase 9 has requested to the MC authorities to carry out immediate repairs to avoid any major mishaps in the area, for the safety of residents. Who Cares???

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