Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 6:12 pm

Illegal and free advertising goes unchecked

Mohali: Like other problems which are creating hindrances to make this city smart and healthy, defacing the city through displaying unauthorised advertisements such as illegal banners, hoardings and posters with different messages is also a major problem. The defacement of public and private properties is rampant in the city and is a clear violation under the Punjab Prevention of Defacement of Property Act-1997.
Posters and flexes nailed on tree trunks dot the city in the absence of any check by the concerned authorities. The practice is gradually killing these trees, say environmentalists as when nails are inserted in a tree trunk, channels taking water to branches are damaged, which affects its growth. The practice is rampant in Mohali and the government needs to come up with strong punishment and action against erring persons residents said.
Not just on streets, trails of such posters is also a common sight on most of the streets and roads in Mohali.
Residents said, it is the responsibility of the civic body to keep a check on violators and take actions as per law. The civic body can also generate heavy fine from violators especially for displaying the hoardings and none should be allowed to deface the city. Specific sites should be earmarked for this purpose. After prescribed days, all authorised advertisements should be removed immediately and added that presently, it seems that to curb such shabby outlook of the city MC authorities seems doing nothing. Who Cares???

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