Saturday, Date: Apr 01, 2023 Time: 5:06 pm

Illegal banners continue to deface trees across Mohali

Mohali: Violators can be seen taking unlawful route by hammering or drilling nails on tree trunks to put up banners, this is causing immense damage to the trees in Mohali.
Trees in different phases of Mohali can be seen tied with the banners, a resident added, “When I walk past these trees and see such banners on them, I feel a sense of shame.
Residents added it seems concerned authorities are hardly bothered about trees being destroyed. Lack of vigilance and action by the Municipal Corporation Mohali has led to such activities, which damage trees, cause depletion of green cover and added “The advertisers must be punished as per the law, both for defacement and killing the trees.
Sources added Municipal Corporation teams have torn down/ removed many such illegal banners and teams have been instructed to initiate action against the violators to ensure that such defacement is removed. But Who cares????

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