Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 4:22 pm

Illegal banners nailed to trees, authorities fail to take action

Mohali: Hoardings and posters placed on trees are not only an eyesore but also have a negative impact on the trees. “They drive in huge iron nails or rods into these trees to hang the banners and hoardings, this will gradually lead to the decaying of the trees.
Violators in Mohali are taking another unlawful route by hammering or drilling nails on tree trunks to put up banners which is causing immense damage to the trees, said residents.
In Mohali several trees have been badly defaced by the banners, hoardings, which have been hammered in with thick nails.
Residents said, “When I walk past these trees and see such banners on them, I feel a sense of shame. This menace of illegal ads is destroying the environment and demanded action against illegal advertisements on trees and damaging the trees.” “Nails are being hammered into the trees to fix the banners.
Residents feels, no action has been taken by the concerned departments, adding people should take up the responsibility of protecting at least one tree around them from such acts. But Who Cares???

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