Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 3:11 pm

Illegal posters, banners and hoardings continues in Mohali

Mohali: Illegal banners can be seen hanging on the trunk of trees and electric poles, footpaths and at any public places where they feel, as Civic body Mohali continue to turn a blind eye towards the eyesores.
At several spots violators continue to hammer nails into tree trunks and also cut off their branches for better visibility of the flex menace.
Apart from posing a serious threat to pedestrians and motorists, these arbitrarily installed hoardings are not only defacing the region but also seriously damaging trees, which are considered as the natural lungs for human habitation.
Installing hoardings, banners and posters at public places is bound to attract penal action under the section 123 of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act 1976 for Defacement of Property and notice is issued to the violators.
Mohali Municipal Corporation has a team of around 5 persons to remove the illegal boards and banners in Mohali and no material has been seized by the Municipal corporation Mohali since April 2022 as per the information sought under RTI Act.
It is pertinent to mention here that Mohali Municipal Corporation to remove illegal banners has a team can issue notice to violators and earn revenue but seems to be providing an opportunity to violators to deface the city for the sake of promotion of their establishments.
It has been alleged that the Horticulture, Forest departments too has failed miserably in safeguarding the trees from being targeted for free brand promotion.
Illegal advertising is the placing of unauthorised posters, flyers, stickers and advertising boards in public spaces, as per the act it is illegal to post anything on guardrails and Civic body can also remove all such banners without notice and enforcement action can be taken against anyone.

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